Friday, September 11, 2009

One week till Oktoberfest!


Alec Cryton said...

Munich is, of course, renowned for its beer and in particular the Oktoberfest, an event that happens every year during the month of September (bizarrely – I always expected it to be in October, can’t think why).

Unfortunately the Oktoberfest is nowadays a very touristy affair but if you are planning on visiting Munich, it is something should be experienced at least once in your life. Fairground rides, large beer tents, wenches carrying loads of huge litre glasses of beer (or Masses as they are called), lots of German food, traditional German bands playing umpah music – it’s certainly worth a look. Both the Paulaner and Löwenbräu breweries are based in Munich and both have beer halls at the festival (the Löwenbräu hall has a rather scary lion automaton on top of it, growling at people as they go in!). It’s also worth going just to spot some locals (or perhaps they're tourists) with their Lederhosen (yes, some really do wear them), and large curly moustaches.

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