Thursday, November 27, 2008

She's back

There must be more pictures of this Oktoberfest Girl on the net than any other. Oktoberfest Dude thinks she's worth the attention. P.S. Thanks Dr. Beer Love on the advice. At least one beer or one dirndl required for all photos on Oktoberfest Girls.


Dr Beer Love said...

Very nice Oktoberfest Dude! Love the classic Oktoberfest Girl myself. I now regret not getting more Oktoberfest girl photos when I was there a few years back. Will have to plan another trip soon so I can get you some more content!

Dr Beer Love said...

How great would it be if I went back and found this Oktoberfest girl? To the Hofbrau Festzelt Tent!!!

Anonymous said...

she's Wiesn Babsi - one of the most popular waitresses at the Wiesn aka Oktoberfest. She's singing now too: